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Sunday, June 17, 2018


Above: Ingredients have been placed in a large canning type jar.


Recently Mitch and Philip had the occasion to sample raspberry liqueur purchased from the liquor store. While they both agreed it was amazingly delicious, the price tag of $20 for a tiny bottle was a bit much for their budget.

So, our KQ crew decided to investigate creating their own raspberry liqueur. Chef Philip researched recipes, and settled on a technique that required no cooking. Philip put together two versions, one using frozen fruit and the second utilizing fresh raspberries.

Both versions are now stashed in a cool, dark cabinet to steep for six weeks. We'll be reporting on the outcome when the raspberry liqueurs are ready to sample. And we'll show you exactly what the KQ crew did to create Homemade Raspberry Liqueur in a KQ Season 4 video later this summer.

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