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Monday, October 8, 2018

NEW VIDEO: Thick Marinara Sauce

Above: Graphic for KQ Season 4, Episode 19.

NEW VIDEO: Thick Marinara Sauce

KQ host Mitch Hightower shares his recipe for Thick Marinara Sauce. The sauce is thick because of a long cooking time that reduces the liquid. This flavorful and easy-to-make tomato-based sauce is great served over pasta, as a dip for garlic bread, as a topping for pizza and as a filling for calzone or stromboli. KQ partner Chef Philip serves as the guest taste tester for Season 4, Episode 19, Number 79. (S4E19N79-HD).

Watch here:

Below: Meatballs on cocktail picks ready for dipping.

Above: Meatless black bean balls served over coodles, (carrot noodles).

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