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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

RECIPE EXPERIMENTS: Bang Bang Ham & Cheese Biscuit Cups

Above: One of the biscuits cut in half.

RECIPE EXPERIMENTS: Bang Bang Ham & Cheese Biscuit Cups

KQ host Mitch Hightower once again utilizes one of his favorite convenience products: biscuit dough. The beauties on this page were created using "jumbo" biscuits, cut in half and pressed flat into a muffin pan. The biscuit "cups" were then filled with Bang Bang Sauce, chopped ham and grated pepper jack cheese, as well as diced onion and orange bell pepper. The biscuit dough baked up golden brown on the exterior and perfectly pillowy on the interior.

Mitch says, "These tasted great and they baked up in only 15 minutes. Next trial, I'm going to use marinara sauce and sliced pepperoni for a more pizza-type flavor profile".

Below: The biscuit dough created a tasty "cup" to hold the fillings.

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